Did You Raise a Pro-life Child?

After going to a Latin Ordinary Form Mass this morning, we proceeded to the Abortion facility in Latroebe Street in Charlotte.  We had a huge crowd of about 40 people praying the 4 mysteries of rosary.

I pondered on my older children who are now living their own lives.  Are they still active in Pro-life activities?  Or have their lives settled to a monotonous routine of sleep, eat, exercise, work, texting gf/bf,  cellphone games, and instant messaging?  This is the life of most American young adult.  And, unfortunately this is the life I tried to shield them away from.

I was hoping they would get boyfriends and girlfriends who are passionate about their Catholic Faith so the values they got from our families can be further inflamed.  If not, I hope that they will be have the fire within to share their Catholic faith with their love interest.

My son in college who is now in his Junior/Senior year (whew, time flies, he will be graduating soon), sent me a photo about his PRO-life activities early this year.  He also brought me the good news that he will be the President of the Pro-Life organization of his university.


This news comforted my heart very much.  This is an example, where a seed is bearing fruit.

I have another older young adult, who gave me the news recently that he is now a Legion of Mary member in his new parish.  He connected with the parish priest and the youth group in California. He immersed himself right away with a Catholic organization.  This is the life which is within his comfort zone.

These two young adults made me very proud.  Distance made them default back to their roots.  In the end, they realized that the hard times in their lives are over.  They can move on with their lives away from their family nest and cull the best that happened in their lives instead of the bitterness.


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