Divine Inspiration for Homeschooling Stress

A very good friend in Facebook had this in her wall post yesterday:

10 kids at home, 6 of them still f/t in the homeschool, and with dh’s job(s) the way they are, I’m almost fully responsible for household mgmt, homeschooling, prepping, etc. And at the moment I’m fairly ignorant of all things non-electric & non-intrastructure. While I feel a need to ascertain my children’s academic formation, I’m also very concerned about having day-to-day essentials (food, clean water, heat / light) in the event of a societal break-down or other emergency, but *I* need a great deal of educating! 
Wondering what you all think of balancing the academic needs with those of more practical use. We currently schedule 5 hrs daily for books, but with making meals from scratch, maintaining basic living, the occasional running around, etc — I already feel so stretched. Help?

Coming out of Holy Hour, I saw this wall post in my Facebook feed.   This woman is one of the ladies I admire in our “large family homeschool” yahoo group.  If she posts something like this, she is just looking for ideas.   She always found wise words to say to me when the “going gets rough” in my life.   I look forward to her comments.    Because I know her, I’m pretty sure that she is not grumbling at all.  Somewhere along the skyline, she was just thinking aloud but she does know what to do.

But, yet the Holy Spirit wanted to speak to her.  And, I was surprised, to recall my own experience, that I too was once overwhelmed with the many challenges of having too many children.   But, no matter what I did, it was consistent that I love my family and I want the best for them.  However, we do not have any “mother  manual”, it is a hit or miss.

It was only when I realized that my own heart beats regularly because of the graces that our Lord gives us, that I found the inspiration to live life and be at peace everyday.  I can eat because our Lord provides.  I have a very beautiful spacious home because God gave me this grace.  I can play piano well not because I am a prodigy but because God wills to give me this talent.  I was given 9 children, 3 coming out of my body and 6 through another woman, because of God’s graces.   I was tasked to raise them, that is, show them how to go to heaven because God gave me this grace.  So why will I be stressed out?  It is our Lord who knows what will be the best for my children, why should I not seek His answers first above all?

Why do I need to grumble?  Why do I need to complain?  I just have to accept that this life I am living is not mine.  I am alive to know God, to love God and to serve God.  Whatever the circumstances, I will praise Him.

“If things are not being accomplished in your eyes, that is just in your eyes. I praise God nevertheless and pray unceasingly not just because it is due but because there is nothing we can do on our own. Everything…just everything is according to the Graces He bestows upon us. Rely less on yourself and more on Him.”-Mrs. Treasures



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