Why You Need to Join the Fortnight of Freedom?

My 18 year old child told me that she is so much bored in learning US History. She stares at her textbook hoping the words will come alive but it wouldn’t. She daydreams on the videos that she is suppose to watch to supplement her reading materials. Right from the beginning, she did quit. She already convinced herself that she couldn’t do it. She finds no purpose in studying US History because she wants to be a hairstylist.

In the US, Americans cannot understand why the Catholics are making a big deal on the proposed HHS mandate.

For the Greater Glory

Just last Saturday, we watched the movie “For the Greater Glory”, a historical film about the “Viva El Christo Rey” movement. It depicts the plight of Roman Catholics in Mexico in the 1920’s when their religious freedom was subdued by a dictator. He ordered the closure of all parishes and services. He killed many priests and citizens that opposed his rule. Thus, an underground militant formed sanctioned by the Catholic Church. One of the generals in the movement was a Catholic priest. The theme of this movie is relevant in the issue we are dealing with right now with the HHS Mandate. The Catholic Church, particularly the US Bishops, are responding to the Obama Administration’s threat to our religious freedom.

Not many Catholics understand the issue. What are we supposed to respond to?

The proposed HHS Mandate requires all employers, to fund medical services and procedures involving contraception, prescription drugs to induce abortion, and sterilization. Religious institutions and organizations must provide insurance coverage for its employees when it requires contraception services. There are almost no media coverage informing the public that there are about 40 federal lawsuits in place to stop this mandate.

The US Catholic Bishops started yesterday a 14 day campaign of prayer, study, catechesis, and public action. From June 22 (the feast day of St. Thomas More) up to July 04 (our celebration of independence).

If I cannot convince my daughter the benefits of studying US History to learn from past historical mistakes of coercion, loss of freedom, moral disintegration and revolution, how can I even let her understand that there is war right now in our midst that we must fight now or her children will suffer greatly?

Will she listen? She is engulfed in her own selfish teen world. She is rebelling. How can I channel those energies to something positive for a cause greater than herself? Well, that is motherhood. Just as my young adult is thinking that I am infusing into her my belief how history is important, the Catholic Church is thought to be clamoring for her weird pro-life beliefs to the state. If my daughter does not even attempt to finish her US History course in our homeschool, she is at risk. If Catholics will not attempt to understand this HHS Mandate now, our nation is at risk for losing our religious freedom pretty soon.

As I turn to God each time there is block in our homeschooling or there is a semblance of disobedience in our family, the US Catholic Bishops are inviting us through the FORTNIGHT for FREEDOM – to pray, to study, to teach and to take action on this issue by voting against this mandate. But, we cannot be silent. We cannot be paralyzed just because we do not get it or we are too busy to think about it.

Just as I am giving my daughter an opportunity to study US History for her future benefit, the US Catholic Bishops are giving us an opportunity to study this issue for our future benefit (to build our spiritual muscles to fight for our right to exercise our religion). Are we going to join this movement or are we going to pass up this opportunity? Are you seeing it as an opportunity or are you seeing it as a chore that does not coincide with your immediate goals?

Let us join the FORTNIGHT OF FREEDOM campaign. View their video here.



Prayer for the Protection of Religious Liberty
O God our Creator,

Through the power and working of your Holy Spirit,
you call us to live out our faith in the midst of the world,
bringing the light and the saving truth of the Gospel
to every corner of society.

We ask you to bless us
in our vigilance for the gift of religious liberty.
Give us the strength of mind and heart
to readily defend our freedoms when they are threatened;
give us courage in making our voices heard
on behalf of the rights of your Church
and the freedom of conscience of all people of faith.

Grant, we pray, O heavenly Father,
a clear and united voice to all your sons and daughters
gathered in your Church
in this decisive hour in the history of our nation,
so that, with every trial withstood
and every danger overcome—
for the sake of our children, our grandchildren,
and all who come after us—
this great land will always be “one nation, under God,
indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

We ask this through Christ our Lord.



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