Robinson Curriculum Reviews: Dealing with Children that Get Stuck

It is now our 3rd year using the Catholic version of the Robinson Curriculum. Due to family circumstances, the passing away of my grandma and the cancer diagnosis of my mother late last year, our homeschooling took a back seat. And, getting back to the momentum is the most difficult part.

Vacation, illnesses and other family crisis can bring a setback to homeschooling families in general. How to you jump back right in? It is easier to do this with elementary children and high school students, but for middle school. It is a challenge.

Thus, in my own experience, I was able to bring back everyone to speed except my 15 year old boy. He has matured quite a bit in the last 7 months but hormone-wise, it is just too unpredictable. There is something blocking him. He could not focus to our routine schedule. He avoids me during school time. He would rather do the chores of the house than comply with our homeschooling requirements.

It is frustrating for the last few months. I clearly know he is stuck.

When I say stuck, the motivation is down. He forgot the inner accomplishment of reading a classic book and actually finishing it. He forgot that the 6 hour study schedule is normal and not stressful. He gets lost after just a few numbers in Saxon Math.

For the last few months, I started to pray for him and how to handle his homeschooling. For discipline, I encourage my husband to step in and give natural and logical consequences. However, nothing works.

I never gave up though. I keep my eyes and ears open for new ideas and I persisted in praying for his intentions in my daily prayer.

Yesterday, I went to the Adoration Chapel and he decided to visit and spend time praying too. After meditations, I was given insights on how to help him.

“Whenever St. Ignatius found that a student could not apply himself to his studies with calmness of heart, and that these studies were an obstacle to his advancement in perfection, he usually took him away from them and made him apply himself exclusively to prayer and meditation. “It may be”, said he, “that he is well able to study, but study will be hurtful to him. What does it profit a man if he gaineth the whole world, but cometh to suffer the loss of his soul? ”

So stay tuned. I will give this insight a try.


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