Organ Donor – The Lives Saved Versus The Lives Destroyed

My 19 year old teen and my husbands are proponents of  donating their organ when they die.  Both of them ask  me a couple of times if I will do it.  I said “No!”.  But, if  the situation comes up and I will be asked to donate my organ for a  charitable purpose, why not?

My disagreement with this issue is not because I do not want to save a life.  I like to help.  But, with the current mindset of our society, I will vehemently reiterate that there is an issue on who is considered “Dead”.  What will define clearly when a person is dead  or “dying”?

Some of these organizations dealing with organ donors are profit seeking.  There are many dark activities in Third World countries where people are killed to get a fresh organ for a medical need.  Sometimes, they can go that far.

To donate your organ is a noble act.  Please do not let me discourage you.  But, I would want to do it if the society I am operating on respects “human life” first.

Read the article below on how a noble act can become abusive without the proper check and balance.

Shock: requiring death before organ donation is unnecessary, say experts


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