Forget History, Forget the Lessons Learned, Why Abortion Happens in America

This video has been gaining viewership like a virus. It has history in it. It reminds us that the youth these days (especially in California) found it difficult to remember Hitler and what he did. In Germany, no one can deny the atrocities of Hitler or you will go to jail.

However, if you stroll around Hollywood Blvd, there are a sprinkle of Nazi adorers who openly proclaims their love for Hitler.

When the interview asks public school students of how much they know about Hitler, almost none of them have an accurate picture of who he was and what he did. They remember the mustache though.

This makes us think that if they cannot remember what he did, then it will be forgotten.

Hitler, killed millions of Jews and the lessons learned do not stop there. At that point of history, the Jews were not seen as “human”. Germans believed the “lie” of Adolf Hitler that the Jews do not deserve to be called “humans”. Hitler focused on brainwashing the youth to this idea. Thus, a holocaust happened.

Similarly, Americans, especially the youth are again brainwashed into another “lie”. It now tells them that the fetus in the womb of a pregnant mother is not really a baby. And, in this video you can can see how after the teens were reminded of the abuse of power and the resulting massacre of the Jews under the hands of Hitler and his army, the teens were convinced that indeed an injustice was done to the Jews.

Shifting the topic to abortion, the teens were easily confused. “Wait… abortion and the Holocaust of the Jews are not the same.”, they muttered.

Clearly, this is the world we are in. We are starting to be deaf to the holocaust and massacre of the unborn. We are brainwashed because it is hiding under a “law” that protects the right of women to choose.

With the new technology of ultrasound, it is beginning to be harder to prove that this “thingie” in a mother’s womb is not a baby.

For those, who still do not believe abortion is murder, you wonder?

The blame on this issue should not rest on the mothers undergoing the abortion. The blame is on us. We are not doing enough. We are like the world when the Jews were slowly being killed. Our attitude is “I am not sure if it is wrong.”


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