Latest on Father Corapi: Love Jesus, Love the Catholic Church Not Me

The site of Father Corapi called THE BLACK SHEEPDOG  just issued a youtube video.  It summarizes Fr. Corapi’s desire to move on.

For those of you who are plugging in late, SOLT (Society of our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity), a religious order where Fr. Corapi  professed his priestly vows, issued a press release.  It was about  the key results of the investigations by the  religious order’s  fact-finding team.  The content is in their website entitled “Press Release Concerning Father John  Corapi from SOLT Regional Priest Servant” (July 05, 2011).    SOLT’s  superior ordered  Fr. Corapi to return home to their regional office, take residence there, and dismiss the lawsuit against Corapi’s accuser.  SOLT has declared that “SOLT does not consider Fr. John Corapi as fit for ministry.”

Father Corapi gave his response at his  “The Black Sheep Dog” website announcing some rebuttal points on SOLT’s fact-finding team results.  From Fr. Corapi’s response came an estimated 1,228 comments from fellow Catholics.  Some comments were supportive, others were incriminating,  brutally rude, others were prayerful and so on.  For me, though these diverse comments are from a minuscule population of Catholics, it sort of represented  the variety of opinions among the  ” Catholic believers”.

Catholics fighting with other Catholics due to  the manifold subjective impressions  on the issue are sad times for us.  American Catholics are very opinionated.  And, the devil just loves brewing the pot delighting from what comes out of it:   smoke of  pride, confusion, hurt, disdain, need to prove a point and the endless obsession for the justification of  truth.

So far, what has been the output of this scandal:  division in perspectives of what Father Corapi should or should not do.

Father Corapi, or any person in a scandal like this, is faced with  stress levels beyond imagination.  The actual lawsuit has been retrieved for public viewing.   The name of the accuser can almost be read in the printout.  It is getting to be interesting, almost like a reality t.v. show except it is our Church who is attacked and Her Shepherd.

Fr. Corapi  is on a “flight  or fight” mode.  To fight this battle with his superior is normal.  This is almost an  instinctive natural response from him.  If you cannot imagine that, just look at how your kids handle a “reprimand”.  You and I know they do not just obey immediately.  If you’ve got one that obeys immediately, consider that child a saint.  Thus, we, Catholics should be understanding enough to forgive him.  He is going through a process – a child being reprimanded by his superior.  The child is afraid.  The child is counting the eggs in his basket.   The child is afraid of  the ground where he is on.  He does not want to die or be “extinguished”.

For many Saints, this is what they call “dying to oneself” (for the sake of Christ). It takes a very “humble heart” to accept what is before Fr. Corapi.  Irregardless of whether he preached this before or not, Fr. Corapi is made of flesh and is acting human.

We want him to win this battle, forcing Sainthood on him.  We cannot.  This is his battle and not ours.  On the other side of the fence, they claim that SOLT in the first place did not follow canonical laws for this case.  Oh well… it is now getting too philosophical and legalistic.  Satan is a legalist, mind you.  Give him a legal right, and he is there freely to haunt, torment and confuse you.

Do you like watching the drama as it unfolds?  It can be very tempting.

SOLT gave a statement for the guidance of all Catholics.

How should  Catholics proceed with this?

Our curiosity levels are just peaking up.

I cannot resist too, once in a while googling what is the “latest on Fr. Corapi”.  As I read through Father Corapi’s blog, I get chills in my spine.  I didn’t feel peaceful at all.  I felt disturbed.  I got a headache.   Everything is in the context of the intellect.  Everything can be argued or defended.  The information before us is  not only intriguing but also deadly for our souls.

The enemy wants our peace.  He wants to instill a desire in each of us to be justified.  We either want to defend Father Corapi,  elaborate the errors of the system where he is in or remind him to be humble.  Imagine… asking our priest to “be humble, obey your superior”.

Father Corapi, in his latest video,  tells us to “love Jesus foremost”.  He also directs us to love the Catholic Church for he says, in reality, he is in the bottom of the chain.  I sense “stress”. I sense “sadness” – a conflict in his soul.  It looks to me that the choices available to him are few.

At this moment of division and confusion, we must always check our opinions of the matter with Mother Church.  What is her stand on the matter?

Our Mother Church, through SOLT, asked us  not to be misled by our affinities. It has been comfortable for us to see Fr. Corapi at EWTN.   Some of us put him on a pedestal.  As my husband said this morning, this is what we get when we put celebrities on pedestal, because he or she is human, this person will always disappoint us.  It is in our comfort zone, to love this enigmatic priest and give him the benefit of the doubt.  Many of us cannot disconnect.   In other words, how do we start detaching ourselves emotionally from Father Corapi who seemingly changed our lives?

Hard question.

When Fr. Corapi touched you with his inspirational talk, note that he allowed himself to be used by the Holy Spirit to touch you, a gift God gives His priests.  It was the Holy Spirit, not Fr. Corapi.

Our Mother Church wants us to strive for peace first in our soul.   To listen to Father Corapi now might be to fuel something that the enemy wants.

But, it is too tempting to know the truth.

Do we follow SOLT’s advice to treat Father Corapi as unfit for the priestly ministry or do we seek truth for ourselves so we can make our own decisions?

I would resolve to  resist listening to Fr. Corapi until he unites himself back to Mother Church in full truth and obedience, not just pieces and bits of what he finds convenient to love about our Mother Church. This is my opinion at the moment.

His video is telling the audience to not mind him at all… to move on… but not to lose your love for the Catholic Church.  In other words, he wants you and me not to put him on a pedestal.

So there you go.  The Church says to be cautious as this priest is unfit for ministry and Fr. Corapi declares that we should love (that is, follow) Mother Church.

So, what will be your business to be in Fr. Corapi’s blog when he says that he wants you to love the Church?

So, I have decided, just for myself, to resist to read about him for awhile.

Why?  Because if I didn’t:

I might form judgments that may be unfair to Fr. Corapi.

I might  cast a doubt to the reality that our Church’s system of handling accusers and accused priests may be severely flawed.

And, most of all, I do not want to give credit and fuel the enemy’s work and give it glory.


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  1. Thank you for a fairminded commentary.

  2. I agree. A very balanced and religiously meditative response to what is a difficult situation for all of us, especially priests. Thank you.

  3. Dear Father Corapi,

    First of all, we would like you to know, we are on your side!

    We trust and love you very much. We beg you to carry on your
    good work for Jesus and for us. We would like to remind you of
    your Father’s advice, when you were a young boxer. Don’t quit! Fight
    the good fight, till the end. Please Father, Don’t QUIT the MINISTRY.
    Jesus needs you there. You are in our thoughts and prayers, ALWAYS

    God Bless You,

    Myrna & Gary

  4. i woukd like to know what is going on in the father’s life current upto date please we miss you and my mom prays for you she has been driving me crazy to find out how you are .what does the future hold for you will you be back can you please inform me of how the father us doing its a shame we really miss your talks you r were to the point and you made it fun to listen to and most important we could understand what you were preaching about

  5. if you check out the facebook page you will see how much support From Corapi has. Also read the above

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