Holy Water, Salma Hayek and Breasts

Yahoo pops this headline that the husband of movie star Salma Hayek, French Billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, admitted to fathering a child from another supermodel.

What is noteworthy about this news?  Why would I waste a few minutes of  my Catholic readers to this Hollywood news?

Salma Hayek has a very beautiful face.  I am always drawn to her face when I catch her on movie trailers.  It is very exotic yet very appealing.  So, when she came out of yahoo’s top headline, I decided to stop my life and find out,  if she is one of those Hollywood movie stars that have so many “issues”.  Is there anything Catholic about her?  Is she Indian?  What genes are responsible for her good looks?  What’s her story?

I told myself, I can always just  click  the “back button” and restart googling my current interest of the day.

But, I was curious if there is anything more that meets the eye.   I want to know if there is any secret happiness that is responsible for the allure.

But, I decided to research more.  Since I would prefer a book to a movie as a form of entertainment, I really am not too much interested with Hollywood news.  I never read the Entertainment magazine section in any grocery store.  I am not tempted to find out what is cooking in the movie world.   Well, that is just me.

I started wikipedia-ing her.   Saw her husband’s picture.  Long story short, I was not impressed with her husband’s looks until I found out that he was a French businessman and owner of  top French designer products.  Those were the days, when I was too shallow and preferred designer stuff.  So, I got more interested with her story.

She has many charitable works.  I also found out that she was raised in a devout Roman Catholic family in Mexico.  Her Lebanese and Spanish descent explain her unique face.  It makes me ponder about the physical  beauty of children born out of  different races.

When I finally realized that this is one of my longest visit in any Entertainment site,  I realized how the lives of movie actresses can be intriguing and interesting. What is behind that beautiful face?

Then as I googled her name “Salma Hayek”, I found a bunch of photos of her pretty face.  Looked at her hairstyle – layered.  What was obvious on those shots though,  were her revealing bosom.   So, when I found this youtube video on her explainng how she got great looking chests, I was surprised that she attributed this to Holy Water.

To cut my story short, in 2006, Salma Hayek had this interview with Lettermen on how she prayed to have “breasts” and she tells the television audience her secret: yes, surprisingly she seriously said it was “Holy Water”.  Thus, I decided to write something about this,  confirming what Holy Water can do.  Endless.

But, the question is, did Salma Hayek use this gift wisely or did she put her audience to sin?  I preferred to just write this blog and keep out of the turf of gossiping and judging.


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