When a Child is Afraid of the Dark? Could it be an evil spirit?

One thing I can tell you  precisely, it is very normal when a child is afraid of the dark.  But, could it be an evil spirit?

I can accurately say that is indeed very possible.

Yesterday, I asked my spiritual director for an exorcised salt.  An exorcised salt is a sacramental of the Catholic Church.  Sacramentals are sacred objects that help a Catholic live a holy life. The priest prays a special blessing from the Roman Ritual.

How should you use it?

Well, I prayed the following prayer “In Jesus Name, I ask the Heavenly Father to seal this  (room, house, car, property) in the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ while I was sprinkling the exorcized salt in the corners of the room.

What is the outcome?

Unexplained peace.

My 4 year old is afraid of the dark.  He cannot even go to our bathroom in daylight.  But after I sprinkled the exorcised salt in every room of the house, my 4 yo just happily used the bathroom.  He has no idea about this spiritual warfare stuff.

My husband noticed too at night while we were watching a movie in total darkness, my 4  yo said he wants to use the bathroom.  Even if the bathroom was dark, he just went into it without even turning the lights on.  This never happened before.  Usually, he would run towards the bathroom and get this “fear” and tell us he is scared.  No amount of coaxing will remove his fear of the  of the dark.


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