The Dangers of Rebuking Evil Spirits

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You cannot operate in the spiritual warfare arena unless you have a great spiritual director.  It is just too dangerous.  You are in the realm of devils and thus, you can easily be led astray.

In the latest scandal of former  President of Human Life International, Rev. Tom Euteneuer, as an Exorcist was not left alone by the  devil.   The devil went around his human weaknesses and dragged him down to suffer.

Yes, the evil one likes to cause us suffering.  It can be through sickness, emotional torments, obsessions, chaotic life, financial problems and demonic manifestations.

In many Deliverance books that I have read recently, I have been misled on the power of rebuking spirits.

In the book by Neal Lozano, “Resisting the Devil, A Catholic Perspective of Deliverance”, he has recommended a prayer to rebuke evil spirits.  And, I believed him.

He says to pray it like this:  “In Jesus Name, I rebuke the evil spirit of ….”.  This evil spirits can be anger, wrath, resentment, frustration, distraction, jealousy, lust etc.  This form of prayer is very dangerous because you are challenging the evil one.  Do not do this in this way.  This is called “imprecatory” prayer.  This one on one challenge must be only done by the Catholic Church’s appointed Exorcist.

I hope Neal Lozano can figure this out soon, so his readers won’t be misguided.

The effective way to rebuke the evil spirits must always ask Jesus to be the one to command the evil spirits and not you. Thus the above example should be said in this way: “In Jesus Name, I ask the Lord Jesus to rebuke the evil spirit of ….  In Jesus Name, by His Precious Blood, cast the evil spirit of … to the foot of the cross.”  

Big huge difference.  Be cautious.  If you are in spiritual warfare, start praying for a holy spiritual director to guide you.

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  1. i have been disturbed by an evil spirit whole of last week when the lights were out at nite. all i did was only rebuke it by praying in my thoughts n rebuking it in jesus’ name…since then i’ve been sleeping with lights on. i am a christian with very little faith. now i have this post, i will ask jesus to rebuke this evil force.
    thank you

    • Thank you for posting your experience. If you can privately email me your name, I can pray for you some binding and hedge prayers for your protection.

      It is very important that you ask forgiveness to Jesus for all your sins and do penance for them.

      If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

    • The best thing to do is repent get baptized in Jesus name for the remission of your sins and recieve the gift of the holy spirit by the evidence of speacking in tounges. The holy spirit will lead and guide you that is how you truely accept Jesus into your life and then we you have the very help and athoritority you need to rebuke spirits away from you and remimber there are some spirits that do not come out except by prayer and fasting and you should always seek the lord in these matters.

  2. i have a big problem with evil sprits that were set by a coworker done by voodoo i have been going to chur and have been delivered but she keep doing it over it feels like it wont end i was told to seek the holy spirit i am trrying by fasting and praying. can anyone come up with anything else this is really bad…thank you

    • The evil spirit of the occult is very difficult to remove. It is a process that needs time. On your end, going to Church is not going to end it. You need to go to the sacraments of the church. You need to go to a holy priest and confess your sins and any resentments, unforgiveness, etc. that could have allowed the enemy to have a legal right in your life. But, you need the Church and Her Sacraments to help you get over this. Please consider talking to a holy priest about this. You need to go to daily Holy mass and receive the Eucharist every day. You need to go to confession every week. You need to put your spiritual armors and have faith in this such as Blessed Exorcism salt, exorcism water, holy candle. You need to read scriptures especially the Psalms and sing the verses. You need to build your spiritual muscles and resist the devil even if it feels like he is not letting go. Keep resisting. You will have a special mission in life one day that is why you are severely attacked in this way. Please remember always that Jesus already died for you, thus, by His Precious Blood, the enemy cannot win. Do not despair. Have Faith that Jesus will deliver you but He requires you to do your part and use His Holy Mother Church to help you. Remain humble, that you are “nothing” without God and if you are only “something” it is because of His Gifts to you. Thus, praise God always even if your day is extremely difficult. Thank God for this spiritual trial that only a few can experience and handle. Trust that you are not alone and will never be alone as long as you “reject sin” and hold on to God’s Divine Light. May God Bless You.

      • thank you for the information and the encouragement..i c ontinue to seek the holy spirit…may god bless and keep you also..

    • Repent of your sins to the lord in Jesus name and ask to be filled with the holy spirit. Once you do that, make sure you stay walking in his ways. Then you can rebuke any demonic force in JESUS MIGHTY NAME because you now have the spirit of God in you and your staying saved by walking in all his ways.

  3. I attempted suicide, and jesus told me I had to come back, he showed me a few things before he made me come back. One was that I was going to have a son, by a new wife. I wasnt having any marriage problems at the time, so I dismissed it upon getting weell at the hospital. I got divorced after that, and my new wife recenlty gave birth to my son. I can feel the evil spirits around me, they are mad because I didnt join them, and they are attacking my new born son. I was told by Jesus before he made me come back, I must teach my son the bible.
    I have been reading some, and need help with questions. sincerely,

    • John,
      Your son needs the sacrament of baptism. Baptism drives away the evil spirit by virtue of removing the Original Sin. You cannot teach your son Scriptures now but you can start reading and studying it yourself. Read to your sons as often as you can the “Word of God”. When your child is sleeping, kneel down and pray for him. I would think that this son needs to be born because Jesus has a mission for him. What a wonderful gift Jesus has given you. Do not worry for God will give you the grace to handle your vocation of fatherhood. It is time to unite your prayers with other church members and I hope you can find a holy Catholic Church to guide you in this journey. Remember, when Jesus died on the cross to redeem our sins, He did not make the bible to pass it on to us. He left us a Church and then through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the bible was made. Thus, Jesus wants us to belong to His Church because this is where He will teach you many truths about Him which is not just passed down from scriptures but also from oral traditions. Thus, on your journey back to Jesus, you now have a responsibility to bring your son and wife along with you. He finds you worthy to lead this family. Praise God for this gift and do what is necessary to understand your vocation as head of the family and as a father. Peace be with you.

    • Dear John,
      Praise Jesus you we’re saved from suicide. What a testimony you have. And obviously a grand purpose in this world. I understand what you’re going thru. I can feel evil spirits around me to. I accidentally recorded them one night and since then they have attacked me also. I was told the Catholic church doesn’t attend to these matters anymore. After searching out over 30 churches where only 2 had priests and neither had time to see me. I never felt so helpless. Are you still having this problem? And if you are not….what did you do?

  4. My fellow brothers and sister please be guided for the typing of jesus it should be Jesus type in uppercase it is base on Scripture. Thank and God bless

  5. My advice is to stop conforming to the world through the use of (TV, Music, Movies, Social Fads, etc)~ Romans 12:2 and your mind will stop projecting so called “spirits.” Spiritual discernment is a gift of the spirit, which means you have to be in the spirit. ~ We walk be the spirit ~ Galatians 5:25. So if you’re living in “SiN” or entertaining non-godly things how can you see spirits? Again most of the things you see such as “lighting, trees moving, shadows..etc are a result of you not watching your eye-gate. You entertained it in the “movies, music, TV”..etc, and now when ever you come into contact with a non-christian its a spirit coming for you. Unplug from the world and renew your minds daily ~ Romans 12:2. Through prayer with out ceasing and continually placing your minds on Christ he will grant you peace. As he is the prince of peace! ~ 2 Thessalonians 3:16.

    • Julian,
      Although there is some truth to what you say you really must know and understand that demons do exist. They do roam this world doing the work of their father which is to wreck havoc and hatred on us, gods children. We must not discredit nor deny assistance to our fellow brothers and sisters who are plagued by such things. We mustn’t judge them either. I do believe some are mistaken. But we cannot harden our heart simply because these things have come so common with tv, music & media. Remember the swine Jesus cast the legion in. We are at war. And these are end times. We must help our brethren. With love & understanding. Always.

    • Julian,
      For a Christian, you seem a bit judgemental. And not at all loving and humble. Im sure this world has always had evil influences to add to us….the humans mental, emotional, or spiritual state. Remember Legion that our lord Jesus cast into the swine. Everything in the bible is there for a reason. An example. This world is full of demons that have free reign to wreck havoc & pain on us all. You should be more concerned for your fellow brethren and not look for reasons to discredit them. I do believe there is some truth to the point u are trying to make. But we must have our eyes open and ears open to see the enemy when its near and be ready to fight. This is a christians duty. And Christian or non Christian. ..i do not think the bible says one can see spirits and one cant. Your words should be chosen wiser. Less offensive. Less harsh. And one thing ive learned, its not just what you see….its what you feel. Id assume you’ve never seen spirits….fought to dave a soul….i have….the fight is real!

  6. Thank you so much for this enlightening post. You must be the only sensible Catholic around with your eyes and ears open. I know this post of yours is two years old but Neal Lozano has some conferences on at the moment. I think his book ‘Unbound’. is dangerous in the hands of mere mortals and most especially those who have emotional problems themselves. It could lead to more serious problems for them. You cannot delve into this ministry without proper guidance and spiritual direction. It is lethal. And as you rightly say we should never confront demons ourselves. My goodness, to think this book ‘Unbound’ is promoted by some prominent Catholics is unbelievable. Do they not realise the potential damage that could be done ? It just shows that wisdom, prudence and just plain common sense are rare indeed. God bless you for your post and for your blog.

  7. praise the lord my name is tresa you have said that we should pray that in the name of jesus that lord should rebuke the evil spirit,but bible says here who bileves in him and has been baptised has the authority to chase evil spirit and healing gift reply when god has given authority why to tell god to rebuke,please help me what’s the diffrence frm tresa india

  8. I have awoken tonight to see what I believe is a demon in my room I turned on the light and started reading my bible out loud I’m not sure if it left or not I sure do hope it did

    • The word of God, Scriptures, is a very powerful sword. The sign of the cross is the sign of redemption.

    • Chris,
      I recently experienced something similar. It started almost 2 wks ago. Im so scared. The first thing i did the morning after was try to find someone to help. That wouldn’t think i was insane. I went or called almost 30 churches that day. I found 2 who had priests. One had a wedding rehearsal to attend, gave me a bottle of holy water, told me to go home and id be fine & the other wanted to have me comitted. But i spoke with one pastor. Although completely floored by what i had to say & not experienced with this at all, he has turned into a true rock for me. I was able to video a few of my experiences. I cant watch them anymore. Thy scare me to death. I believe in christ & the bible. Im still haunted. U can email me if u want

  9. I am currently in a very hard spiritual struggle. I am being haunted by some entity. Its evil. And i have lost souls in my home. Ive lived here 5 yrs & all the sudden this starts. I was able to video tape some of my experiences. They have terrorized me, mimic me, blow on me, tell me to go, ect…..i have found a spiritual leader to turn to and guide me. Although he has never dealt with anything like this before. I am just grateful to have someone who believes me. Who would watch the footage. And would take on the challenge of helping me.

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