Starting my homeschooling this morning

With this new insight about how “Holy Water” when used with faith is helpful in our families, this morning, I woke up everyone by blessing them..

First, I went to their rooms.

Second, I invoke the Holy Spirit to come with me.

Third, I opened the bottle of Holy Water. Their body started to squirm.

Fourth, I went to them and softly told them “Let me bless you with Holy Water”.

Fifth, Making a sign of the cross in their foreheads, I said “May Almighty God bless you in the Name of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit.”

Sixth, They stood up with an understanding of what they need to do.

Seventh, It has been quiet and peaceful ever since I did that.

Previously, in our family the mornings will be very chaotic. The kids will resent waking up or will ignore me. They will lazily move around in a zombie fashion. I will be resentful that this occurs everyday.


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