How many times do we forgive our RAD or BPD child?

How many times do we need to forgive our children with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) or Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)? Day in and day out?? Its like a cheating husband or wife, u never can fully get the trust back. My daughter lies and steals everyday all day long. When is enough enough? When this child reaches 15 and steal a gun and shot someone, are we going to blame it on RAD or BPD?? No, it doesn’t matter! They still need to learn how to function in society.

Ready to Give Up (Signed)

Mrs. Treasures writes:

Yes, RAD or BPD needs healing not only for the sufferer but also for those that have been hurt in the process.
When is enough? There are no standard metrics for this. What can be enough for you, may not be enough for me. So, it is useless to waste time thinking about it.

My blog is about recognizing that there is hope for them especially if you make a firm decision to include God in their healing process. Otherwise, you will be severely tormented with fear on what they could possibly become in the future.
THere is a possibility that they will be a menace to society or end up in jail. It is a scary thought, especially if the responsibiity lies on the parents. You can succumb to the torments, despair and frustrations or you can turn your outlook in a  360 degrees angle.
It is not about them.  The lesson  you will learn in this journey is for you.

How many times have you risen up each time you were attacked? How many times have you forgiven your RAD or Borderline child?

Is your love crazy enough that you will “die” to save them?

Jesus was crazy enough to die for us.  We sin all the time.  But His love saved us.

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  1. If your kid has BPD, then you are probably the real monster. Mothers who claim their children have mental illness are ALWAYS the REAL mentally ill ones. Your kids reactions didn’t happen in a vacuum.

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