Discerning Evil in the Workplace

So you wish evil is just in the movies.  The enemy or the devil is real and it hides in many forms.  It loves to divulge itself in chaos, arguments, battles, resentments in the workplace.  This is an area where stress levels are high.  The key to identify its presence is if you do not feel peace at all.

Take the case of a  Construction Manager.   He works very hard.  At least that is what he thinks.  In a normal scenario, this is the fact.  With evil in the midst, the scenario is very different.  His co-workers and boss do not think so.  The boss thinks he is making too many errors while his co-worker thinks the stresses at work are the result of his mismanagement.   Are those fair observations?

It is like looking at a ketchup bottle, which side are you looking?  The one with the label?  The top part?  The side with the ingredients?  It is how you look at it.  Is that Construction Manager really committing those errors to make the life of the co-worker harder?  Is the co-worker just trying to help the Construction Manager to make his job better by saying what he thinks about the subject?  Too many sides to the scenario, do you see  yourself entangled in it?  Or can you see yourself out of the knot?

In a normal office scenario, stress is very natural.  It is expected.  But, when a person puts down another person unfairly, there is evil in the process.  Satan likes to tickle the weak spots of people.  Satan can use a person’s imperfections to make a person annoyed, irritated,  in despair, so it hurts more.  When it hurts more, you feel resentful to those who gave you those emotional garbages.  The cycle continues.  Satan is successful in creating a chaos.  You know it, because you feel it heavy in your heart.  You want to to send a very nasty letter to that Construction Manager, and the Construction Manager wants to reply back to the  nasty letter.  You can have those torments but once you start to put that in paper, then the enemy will now use t hat against you probably on another occasion.

When your boss confronts you with some of your work, the enemy plays the same tricks.  The enemy dictates to your boss, areas which are sensitive to you.  If the boss is highly stressed out, he is not at peace, and thus, his logical thinking is also affected and biased.  He will tend to criticize. Why? Because, someone is whispering in his ears something.  The enemy, is not that powerful.  The devil is a very intelligent being though, so it will base its plan to attack you from how you react to past events in your life.

How did you react to those that hurt you when you were young?  If the enemy have seen you go into despair because of some related events, then the enemy will use that tactic to put you back in despair.

SO going back to my initial example, the co-worker of this Construction Manager, is also fed some thoughts based on how he was previously attacked by Satan.  Without anyone becoming aware of it, they have all sinned against one another.   Everyone had a bad day.

Thus, you can only counteract the negative things that happen in your workplace if you arm yourself with prayers.  Find a quiet place to bring yourself to calmness.  The most important thing you can do is to find that place of solitude where you can pray.  Pray for those that hurt you, misunderstood you.  Pray for those curses that was brought on you.  Pray for the person who think you have done them wrong.  Pray that you will be healed from your past hurts.    Offer your cross to God.  Then, come back to your workplace, only after you have achieved that Divine peace.

Saint Michael the Archangel,

defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host –
by the Divine Power of God –
cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.




  1. yes, i believe in evil in the workplace. I, myself am experiencing the blow now. Unfortunately, we have many trouble making satan worshiping gouls that work here. Firstly I ‘d like to say I have aways been one to keep to myself I HATE DRAMA AND ANYONE OR ANYTHING THAT REPRESENTS DRAMA. A situation turned ugly after a cross eyed skank found a mistake on some work. instead of bringing it to my attention and the other person involved, she took it to a supervisor and brought 3 misc people along. I didn’t like how close she was standing to me so I ask the dog skank to back up. she just stood there staring at me blankly. I repeated myself and she did the same thing.i mean this girl was standing so close to me her CROUTCH was literally touching my backside. Long story short i got an “incident report” and she didn’t get anything. That is basically sexual harrasment. I don’t care if she is a female…she shouldn’t be standing that close to my butt. anyway this dog rat skank is always in the “boss” ofc. He believes EVERYTHING SHE SAYS…. in the end i know God’s power is stronger, but i just hate dealing with DRAMA!

    • I am like you. I hate drama. I can spot drama easily and I am very much repelled by it. If you meet a person or there is a place filled with drama, there is “oppression” going on… something which is not resolved in this person’s life.

      To protect yourself, you must use the power of God – the Source of your understanding what peace is all about. God gave you that gift – the knowledge to discern the difference between drama and peace.

      Thus, use this gift to the beacon of light to others, especially those who are in eternal turmoil in their lives.

      In your case, you experienced an unfair treatment… for stepping up to the plate towards your rights for peace. Your co-worker need not announce to the world when a mistake is done. Everyone one knows mistakes are imperfections because we are human. But, when someone blows the trumpet in the guise of something else, it becomes a sin.

      This person has sinned against you. The only thing you can do about it is to forgive her – right away. The more you hold on to it, the higher the chances that “evil” will hang on to you. And, you do not want that kind of garbage in your life.

      As soon as you can, seek solitude, seek prayer, seek God and He will grant you the graces to resume your life.

      God Bless,
      Mrs. Treasures

  2. There seems to be two times when people can really get wicked; at work and when they’re driving on the road. A lot of people might normally be very nice, if you knew them in a non-work setting, if they were perhaps your neighbor or golf partner, you might really like them, and even be good friends with them. But get them into the workplace, and they transform; they become sinister and Mr. Hyde-like. I’ve seen this time and time again. It can be an office job, it can be a construction job, or it can be the field I am currently working in, which is the restaurant business. People get really stressed out and bitchy when it comes to food. Everything is hurry hurry hurry. Customers piss and moan if their food takes too long to get, and managers can be real pricks as well, they’ll suck up to the customers while stepping on their employees. I’m sick of it! We live in a fast food world, everybody wants everything NOW NOW NOW!!!!! It is a total culture of instant gratification. I like to take my time and relax. I work hard, but I like to pace myself, I don’t like to feel rushed. What’s the hurry? For those of us who believe in God, we have all eternity! Workplaces can also destroy friendships. I’ve seen several occasions where two people own a business 50/50, and they always end up hating each other’s guts, and that includes people who are brothers. Pretty sad. I’ve also seen situations where people at work are friends, and then one of them gets promoted to a management position. Once that happens, they change, and it’s not for the better, they become a total asshole! There are exceptions, however. There’s this guy I know who I’ve been friends with for almost 25 years. He went into business for himself and I worked on and off for him for 12 years. A very high-stress line of work, I must add. But he’s a great guy and we’re still good friends to this day. It goes to show, that just because you work for or with someone doesn’t mean you can’t still be friends, you can! Too bad too many people are too damn stupid to understand that!

  3. I pray yet this evil boss does not quit. She can lie and believe her lies. She is jealous, she is a thief but somehow she has the power to make herself believed by anyone in the workforce who can do anything about the situation. She is cunning and deceitful. Am i wrong to believe she is possessed by evil and the bes thing to do is to let her destroy a program for disabled little preschool children?

    • The best to do is to pray for her. Do not be vacuumed into sinning just because there is evil in your workplace. Be the peace and the beacon of light.

  4. I had a terrible time with my boss all this year, when normally I don’t. This time though, I was so rattled by her, I didn’t listen to her instructions and ended up running over her foot with a cart. Her feet swelled and I felt terrible about it. I got very upset with her earlier this year bc she kept telling me I stunk publicly and I knew better. She is constantly at me for little things. Last year she told me I smiled at her to much and I felt terrible. She had only a scratch on her foot now, but she still seems in pain. I feel terrible about this. Am I reading to much into by thinking there is a lot of negativity in my work place?
    There are three women there that think they do more work then any one else, and that was making me feel constantly harried and I think that it part of what caused the accident with my boss. This has been a terrible year for me. I work in food service in the school system,so thankfully I get a break soon. I just wanna be able to survive until the break.

    Felling low and crappy just me

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