Should we have compassion for those with Borderline Personality Disorder?

New article published “Borderline Personality Disorder and Compassion”.

I thought I had compassion for those suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder.  It is either I do not know the real meaning of compassion and what it requires or I have some other reasons for my distaste for what BPD can do to children.

Personal assaults from Borderline sufferers are immaterial when we look at their disorder from the viewpoint of compassion.  The question is how far does our compassion extends?  Must it be infinite?  Must it be within boundaries?  Who calls the shots for the constraints in these boundaries.

I am recommending a movie called “Mother Teresa” starring Olivia Hussey.  Mother Teresa is equal to COMPASSION.  If you have trouble understanding what compassion really entails, this is the movie to watch.  It is from this movie, that my idea of  compassion changed towards  Borderline Personality Disorder sufferers.

I do not hate Borderlines.  I want to bring to the open what BPD can do to their children.  Just as we should have compassion for the sufferers of BPD, we must also have compassion for those traumatized by this disorder.  Who takes precedence in giving out our compassion, the at-risk child or the BPD mother?

Find out in my new article published yesterday entitled “Borderline Personality Disorder and Compassion”.

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  1. This brings up some questions for me… What reasons exist for NOT being compassionate towards those with BPD? Is it more difficult to feel compassion for someone suffering from BPD than it is to feel compassion for people with other personality disorders?

  2. The children should always take precedence. They are helpless victims of an irresponsible adult who brought them into this world without assessing his/her abilities to properly rear a child.

    Besides, one of the key factors of BPD is that they *want* to be sick. They are HAPPY to be sick. As long as the drama roller coaster goes, they are blissful in their illness.

    And the children? They are scratching at the walls; striving for equilibrium in an ever changing world where they never were taught which way is up in the first place.

    All life deserves compassion. However, all life has the right to defend itself against malicious onslaughts. The poor children are defenseless, helpless, innocent and unwilling victims. The BPD person is complicit in his/her illness and happy with his/her situation. They knowingly inflict harm if it will get them where they want to go.

    Really, can you go to a place where you would defend one that knowingly destroys instead of defending one who is helplessly trampled? The line of compassion is drawn where maliciousness and helplessness begin.

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