iPad – Is it my dream digital book reader?


People close to me know that I am a MAC convert.  I removed myself totally from Bill Gates’ window systems for two years now.  I have an Imac.  My oldest son in college is not totally convinced, he still enjoys his Windows applications,  laptop and operating system.  He actually makes money troubleshooting PCs in his college, thus, his future employment will depend so much on the consistent technological outcome of  Window-based PCs in the market.

Who wants a PC after having the MAC experience?  My iMAC is so stable.  It has many limitations but the ease and simplicity surpass the PC.  So when the Ipad news came out today, I was so thrilled.

I have been watching closely the performance of many E-book readers.  Sony Kindle has been doing fantastic.  But, I am convinced that I am going to own a digital reader one day.  I love books.  To have access to books in an instant, where ever you are in the world is amazing.

My husband said he would rather buy me a new laptop.  Why can’t I just download it to my computer and read the books online?

The answer is “eyestrain”.

The digital book readers are made differently than computer systems.

Well, sorry to mislead you… but I have no idea what I am talking about yet but I would sure let you know when I can touch my future “iPad”.  My Iphone is my favorite gadget in my life aside from my iMac and Grand Piano but I wouldn’t mind having an “iPad” to read a book.   Mrs. Treasures would love to have an iPad.  Is my loving husband reading this blog?


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