Does praying for someone actually works?

I belong to a Catholic discussion group for large families (  Our goals are to support each other in raising our many children to become Saints.  We chat daily through an email notification system.

If I have a problem with my children, I let them know and they intercede for me.  Intercession,  is praying on behalf of another person.

In the past, I have always thought that I can help pray for people only if I am worthy Christian.  It has only been in recent years that I realized that God will accept any genuine prayers from any man, even if he is a sinner.   What more would  make God happy than to hear a prayer warrior, a person who strived to be attuned to God’s will, pray for the intentions of others.

Do not be hesitant to pray for people who need it.  It can be a person with a look of sadness in her eyes, a co-worker who is not having a good day, an online friend who wrote you about her husband.  The power of intercessory prayers is never realized.

Praying for someone is not a one way street.  As you go into the habit of offering prayers for people you know, you get to understand how God answers prayers.  You tend to understand why one must resign to the outcome of prayers.  We should not measure the efficacy of prayer by the exact result of the intercession.   Letting God’s will prevail and putting sense to God’s intention for that person will make you see God in a different light.

Just yesterday, I was awakened at 3:02 am.  I sat on the edge of my bed and asked “Who shall I pray for to be awakened at such holy hour ( the hour of mercy)?”

I heard a name in my heart, “Cassandra!”

I got my rosary and started to pray for her intentions as I recall that a couple of months ago, she asked for intercessory prayers from our group about her family life.

I dozed right back to bed after a relaxing prayer.

The next morning at around noon, I checked the email digest of  magnum opus and true enough, Cassandra popped after several months of no internet connection  to ask for intercessory prayers for her father-in-law who was dying.  She was also overwhelmed with a little one and some pregnancy woes.

When someone asks me to pray for them, I seriously stop my world and pray for that person.  It does not matter if I hear from that person again.  I am assured that in whatever form I give that prayer, God will accept it for the benefit of that person.

The following article may inspire you:

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