Hell Breaks Loose

How would Tiger Woods come out of the current scandal he is in?  Putting yourself in his shoes, it must be overwhelming.  It is probably more stressful than his golf tournaments.  Losing your family and reputation are not something to look forward to.

This video is a brief discussion of one of the choices that Tiger Woods can make.  A choice to do the right thing with God’s help.  It is about asking God for forgiveness and mercy through his son Jesus Christ.  When this was mentioned in television, “hell broke loose”,  many people wailed and complained.

Satan does not want that to happen.  It will be another loss for the enemy if Tiger Woods will do the Christian way.  Tiger Woods has a long way to go towards that direction, but he is an important soul in the eyes of God.  We must pray that he will be led to the right path towards God.


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