Choice Between Japan and Parents: What a Japanese Kid Decided?

The airport scene means hope for those countries in long term recession.

The airport scene means hope for those countries in long term recession.

The article “Choice Between Japan and Parents:  What a Japanese Kid Decided”  is about  Noriko Calderon.  Noriko is a Japanese-born kid.  She  decided to stay in Japan even if she is a minor when Japanese immigration officials decided to deport her parents. Did she make the right choice?  
This article is very timely.   Sometimes, we want to really know if this Japanese kid is really patriotic or  Japan is a no-heart country with no regard for humanitarian cases.  With news coverage of this case, it seems that Noriko Calderon chose her country of birth over being with her parents.  However, if you take a look deeper into the situation, you will understand why she had to make that choice.  
It is such a heartbreaking decision for  Noriko.  It will also be painful outcome for  her parents.  But, this dilemma is unheard of in the United States even considering the US Immigration policy.  If it was in the  US, the family can easily argue the child’s deep roots in America.  Thus, uprooting a child will have some drastic effect on the child’s well-being. The family will also plead for the implications of  the separation between the parents and the child.   Everyone will pressure the Immigration department for a positive result for humanitarian reasons.  The decision will almost always be to the “best interest of the child”.  
The humanitarian aspect, which makes the US famous in the world, is the reason many foreigners are trying their luck in the US.   For it is almost impossible that our country, the US, will allow a child to decide what is best for her.
Find out more in this article “Noriko  Calderon Japanese Immigration”.  Let me know what is your opinion of this article.   

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