5 Proven Ways to Stop a Child From Tantrums


Shopping is where children have meltdowns.

Shopping is where children have meltdowns.


The article “5 Proven and Quick Ways to Calm a Child” is published recently.  It is another hands-on advice from me on what worked in calming a child.  Most of my 9 children have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).   I think their world is not understood.  There is one thing that amazes me with children with ADD, especially those with the “H” or hyperactivity.  They are so  bright and creative.  They are capable of so much more than typical children. However, the school and many parents are unable to handle an ADHD child very well.  If only their educators can direct their energies to a fruitful endeavor rather than focus on their “attitude problem”, these children have a great chance to contribute something to the world that is of “genius” league.

My ADHD children are very calm.  The irony of it is they do not look ADHD at all.  In Church, they behave very well that we often get great comments about them.  Over the years, they have  handled their high distractibility.

First, I provide them with opportunities to be themselves (crazy hyper) in areas where they can move freely (outside the house and in the playground).  At least, I give them hope that they will go somewhere fun at the end of a stressful week at school.    Second, I teach them that their ADHD diagnosis is not a “free pass” for them to do whatever the feel like.  I have taught them that they live in a word where good behaviors are the norm.  It is fun to be around well-behaved children. Third, I taught them some tools to help them cope with their impulsivity.   Being mad, misunderstood and angry are quite normal for ADHD kids.  In fact, they are highly sensitive and emotional.  It appears though that they are dense in appropriate behaviors in social situations.  ADHD kids tend to have many meltdowns.  It is very important that they have some tools in their belt to deal with their rages and emotional outbursts.

The article “5 Quick and Proven Ways to Calm a Child” is filled with  strategies I wished I knew when I was younger.  I did not know that it is very possible to raise children without being too stressed out when they have a meltdown.  This article will help you deal with your child when he or she is still a baby.  Each child needs predictability in their world.  Each child needs a caregiver that will respond to their special needs of being a child.  It is normal for a child to have an emotional outbursts but it is very damaging to react to it in a punishing way.   Children need to be taught that they can have some tools to cope with their tantrums.  

No one will ever imagine that I am raising highly active children.  It is because of these 5 tools that I have successfully handled rages, tantrums, meltdowns and turned my children’s lives around to be peaceful loving children.  It is also with these tools that my toddler is so much fun to be around.  We do not fear his tantrums for we can always calm him down with these 5 techniques.  These 5 ways that I have suggested may be helpful to older children as well especially the one that pertains to self-talk and practicing breathing in and out.  

For more on this article, read here.

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