5 Power Tips to Handle “I Do Everything in the House” Statements from Wife with Borderline Personality Disorder

"I Do Everything in this house!"

"I Do Everything in this house!"

By popular demand, I have written an article entitled “Borderline Personality Disorder:  5 Powerful Tips to Handle “I Do Everything in the House” Statements by Your Wife.”

Many readers have written that they enjoyed my articles on Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) because it speaks of the truth.  However, my Borderline readers literally curse me for writing articles that are all ignorant about  BPD.  I wonder why they have to curse me though?

The BPD readers get all riled up with my Borderline-related articles as if I invent those stories.  They also get very upset that I am writing something untrue.  They forget that I am a writer and I can pick up a “thought” or an “idea” and make a thesis statement and  a story out of it.

The reason I am writing about Borderline Personality Disorder is to raise awareness that this disorder is debilitating to those involved in their lives:  family, husbands, wives, children, parents, friends etc.  It is not easy to deal with them.  In fact, their hypersensitivity to pain is so pitiful.  Many Borderlines describe it as “living hell”.

My research moved me to great connection between childhood trauma and Borderline Personality Disorder.  However, there are a few BPD readers who swear that not all Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis are environmental or a result of trauma, abuse and neglect in childhood. They claim that BPD can be genetic.  Well, based on my research, it is not definite yet and further studies have to be made on the gene correlation.

It is noteworthy to mention here that sometimes attachment issues with birth mother arise even at the point when the baby is at the womb.  Studies have indicated that mothers who despised carrying a child in her womb releases some kind of hormone that affects the baby.  Cameras on the bellies of the mothers under clinic trials reveal that the baby cringes as if in extreme pain when these hormones are released in the body of their mother.  Thus, attachment is all indicating some relevance to the day of conception.

My  article that is recently published by Associated Content narrates how the husband and the children of Borderlines are severely stressed out day in and day out by the changing standards of their BPD wife and mother when it comes to housekeeping. They frequently hear their BPD wife say ” I do everything in the house.”

Well,  I promise you this article will hit home to many loved ones of Borderlines.  And for Borderlines, I did my  best to give invaluable tips to your husband and children to deal with you so they will help around the house more and understand your plight.

For other articles to help you deal with a loved one with  Borderline Personality Disorder, the following are interesting to read.  Borderlines should be cautioned to read the articles below.  Don’t curse me that I did not warn you.

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And for Borderlines, the following articles are my attempts to help readers understand BPD more.

“5 Tips to Handle A Loved One with  Borderline Personality Disorder”


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