40th and 50th Wedding Anniversaries


My Mom and Dad

My Mom and Dad


My In-laws

My In-laws


My husband and I celebrated the wedding anniversaries of our folks in the weekend.   My parents celebrated their 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary on Saturday and my husband’s parent’s celebrated on Sunday. Since all our siblings are in different parts of the world, we are unable to celebrate their anniversaries through a reunion or party.  So, we decided to put together their wedding memories in a DVD and ask the grandkids to wish them and say something.   The theme is ” I am happy that Grandma and Grandpa are married because…”. The other question is “I know that you love each other because…”  It is wonderful to hear how the grandchildren perceive love.  They were unanimous in saying that if it weren’t for their marriage, they would not exist.  It seems they are oblivious that they can actually exist without their parents getting married.  But, their line of  thinking suggests that at their ages (2 years old to 19 years old), these grand kids have a secure feeling about marriage.  Their grandparent’s marriages suggest to them staying married is possible.    Another observation is these grandchildren witness how our parents are taking care of each other in sickness and long term illness.  They see our parents beside each other.  They remember when Grandpa will kneel down to put on the socks of Grandma who has back problems.  They remember how Grandma will make sure that Grandpa will take all his medications.  On the other side of the family, they remember their Grandparents taking care of them while they were young and have fond memories.


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  1. It is so wonderful to witness (and celebrate) wedding anniversaries. And very seldom do couples have their parents’ anniversaries in almost the same date. Great! Your idea of having the grandkids greet their grandparents with those beginning statements were also fantastic. And the experience that their grandparents have been together for all those long years!!! Very worthy of celebration, indeed. For those who have teenage kids, try to inspire your teens with your life and the value you hold as a family. It will create a huge impact that they will end up celebrating golden anniversaries just like grandpa and grandma here.

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