Do you have a Super Mom Syndrome?


Feel Free to Put The Face of Your Wife or Mother

Feel Free to Put The Face of Your Wife or Mother



I am generally an optimistic person.  I try to see the blessings in a situation instead of sulking forever on a misfortune.  But, there is one thing that I am very sensitive about and these are my 9 children.  I worry that the demands of our large family is inhibiting me from taking care of their individual needs.  I worry when I feel them going 5 steps backwards in their emotional maturity and growth.  I worry that I will be an obstacle to their success instead of helping them flourish.  

Once in a while, mothers suffer from what you call a “Super Mom Syndrome”.

In the world of syndromes,  aspiring to be the perfect mom may eventually lead to a psychological disorder.  At least in the psychiatry world, a syndrome means a group of related manifestations.  Syndrome literally means “running together” and it is a word with Greek roots.  It is called a syndrome until the science of psychiatry or psychology will discover the underlying cause of those observations.  It can be recurrent symptoms that occur in a certain pattern.  Syndromes are really nothing definite.  But, it is a start in grouping behavioral patterns and trying to seek some answers on what the underlying reason may be.

A “Super Mom Syndrome” is a point when a mother tends to blame herself for the chaos or the emotional disturbances of their child in the home.   

The mother with “Super Mom Syndrome” experiences immense guilt.  She is often angry at her husband.  She is angry at her relatives and friends for staying away.  She is angry at her children from “doing this to her”.  A mother with Super Mom Syndrome suffers in silence.  She represses her anger for she has this notion that she is “Super Mom” and only she understands the problem.  

My next article entitled “8 Tips to Avoid the Super Mom Syndrome”  will be published in a few weeks  at Associated Content.  Many women tend to get into the “Super Mom Syndrome” without realizing it.  If they do not get a good handle of this syndrome, this woman will go into depression and then eventually will call it “quits” on her family.   If there will be a scientist who will pursue this, it may eventually be a disorder.

Bookmark this blog and I will let you know when this article comes out.  

Meanwhile, check this video clip that I often watch when I feel myself going into a “Super Mom Syndrome”.  I forget sometimes that I am appreciated.  

If you are a Dad watching this video clip, help your wife see it when she goes into the “Super Mom Syndrome”.  Encourage your children to show their appreciation to her before it gets too late.


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  1. Sounds exactly like my ex, only I think she had Psychotic Super Mom Syndrome

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